Recipe Roundup – Sophie de Ville’s Diabetes-Friendly Thanksgiving

Recipe Roundup – Sophie de Ville’s Diabetes-Friendly Thanksgiving
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With Thanksgiving coming so soon, we thought we’d devote one of our regular recipe roundups to a single chef’s spin on the big meal.

Sophie de Ville is one of our favorite new food bloggers. She hosts Sophe de Ville – The Diabetic Cookbook, where she shares diabetes-friendly recipes. Sophie is French, but now lives in Spain. She concentrates on savory recipes with continental flair. Her son has type 1 diabetes – which has inspired Sophie to get serious about low-carb cooking and carbohydrate counting.

They may not celebrate Thanksgiving in France or Spain, but they sure do know good food, and every one of these recipes would make a fine addition to your holiday table.

One-Hour Turkey with Gravy

Roasting boneless turkey breasts is like a Thanksgiving cheat code – it is so much faster and so much easier to cook the perfect level of doneness. Sophie cooks her turkey breasts with chicken stock, garlic, and rosemary, and she thickens the gravy with a lower-carb alternative: chickpea flour!

Mushrooms Sautéed with a Twist

“You are going to love this rich, earthy flavours of this various mushroom mix,” Sophie says. White wine and garlic add a sophisticated flavor to this autumn standby. The twist? Lemon juice and zest, just enough to brighten up the dish, which will help it balance the other rich foods on your plate.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Maple Syrup Glaze

We think that roasted Brussels sprouts belong in every Thanksgiving meal, and it’s hard to say no to bacon. Sophie tosses the delicious crispy veggies in just a small bit of maple syrup – enough to give you some sweetness, but not so much to cause a blood sugar headache. The recipe results in 7.6g of carbohydrate per person. Of course, you could omit the maple syrup, or use a sugar-free alternative.

Thanksgiving French Green Beans

We’ll pass on the stodgy green bean casserole and go with Sophie’s fancy and very European preparation for haricots verts – thin and tender green beans. “Mix fried shallots, butter, extra virgin olive, and pine nuts to the haricots beans, you will have a dish full of flavours and really easy to make.”

Butternut Squash Puree in Little Boats

For this recipe, you make a buttery pumpkin or squash puree, and then scoop it back into an empty squash. Top with grated cheese and roast until the whole thing is well-colored and delicious. You could use butternut squash, kabocha squash, acorn squash, sugar pie pumpkin, or little delicata squashes  – any choice would make a wonderful presentation. One portion is about 10g of carbohydrates.


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