Potential Diabetes Breakthrough

HSCI Co-Director Doug Melton and postdoctoral fellow Peng Yi have discovered a hormone that holds promise for a dramatically more effective treatment of type 2 diabetes. The researchers believe that the hormone might also have a role in treating type 1, or juvenile, diabetes.
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  5. Please find out this solution as soon as possible…we need this ..this is one great news ever!…THANKYOU USA….but i think the pharmatics will stop this because of there medicine..please dnt let this to be done…many people are worried about this disease…its very good that USA scientist take out this solution..THANKYOU USA

  6. the stimuli of insulin secretion is glucose itself. the oxidation of glucose in pancreatic beta cells make the cells to product more insulin. so when you inject this new hormone, it just help the cells to proliferate, but if there's no glucose in the body, beta cells wont be able to product more insulin. so betatrophin is much safer than insulin injection, 'cause it doesn't lead to hypoglycaemia. i mean it doesnt matter how many b cells you have, if there is no stimuli, no insulin secretion

  7. Normal body reaction to insulin overdose is rapid hypoglycaemia, which leads to coma and death in a short time. However, you might have meant what would happen if there were too much beta cells, therefore too much insulin. No one knows. They will be solving this and other factors if the hormone or it's analog gets to the clinical phase trials.

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