NOT THE SAME: Diet pills vs. Weight Loss Medications

NOT THE SAME: Diet pills vs. Weight Loss Medications

The “diet pills” at your local drugstore are neither vetted for safety or efficacy. Let’s talk about a few important concepts and options.

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19 thoughts on “NOT THE SAME: Diet pills vs. Weight Loss Medications

  1. Let me know what you've tried in the past and if you want me to make a video reviewing Amazon products!!!

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  3. The Phentermine works really good but then I have to deal with my wife going NUTS and always PISSED OFF

  4. I've been taken 37.5 mg of phentermine to lose weight . I've lost quite a bit of hard to lose. But I'm really concerned about getting addicted to it. How long should I take it before this becomes a concerned? I've been going to a weight lost Dr. It helps speed up my heart rate, so I don't have to exercise a long time before my heart beat is up . I like it and what it does, just concerned about becoming too dependent on it . I don't want to become addicted. Please help.

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  7. Thank you for your video doc! "Not all pills are drugs". Like nutritional supplements. Keep it up! This is definitely a personal journey

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  10. Why is ‘the idea is to keep patients on these medications long term’ as stated at 6:54?
    Is obesity a chronic condition?
    Once an individual reaches their goal weight/healthy weight are they not able to maintain that goal weight w/o the assistance of these medications?
    Can you do another video where you address the above?

  11. Im a 300 pound male yes i am muscular in my arms but i sit in a office 8 hours and day and wake up tired do my school work then goto work. I dont eat much and i drink alot of water but ive been doing this and still weigh the same. What can i do different i only eat meat and veggies

  12. i just really want to buy weight loss appetite suppressant but the problem is i dont have doctors prescription. can u tell me what are thr appetite suppressant that i can buy without dr prescriptions? thanks

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