Lose Some Weight

You never know where someone is on their weight loss journey.

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Amanda Holland
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18 thoughts on “Lose Some Weight

  1. Sigue siendo el corto más saludable con respecto a TODOS los aspectos de la alimentación

  2. My dad even told me “if you loose a few pounds those dresses will look better on you” in front of the lady helping us shop…( I don’t wear dresses too often cause I don’t really like em but he wants me to have dresses anyways)

  3. Never make a fun of fat person losing weight in a gym, its like you making a fun of employed person…

  4. I hate when people be like "haha fatty" and when you actually take it inside they say it's just a joke.Feelings aren't a joke..

  5. At the end of the day we're just people.

    So do what makes you happy and don't let other people judge

    you for the person you are. Live your life the best, create memories and spend time

    with those you love.

  6. "eww you're so fat"
    "you belong in the zoo with the elephants"
    "lose some weight fatty!"
    "stop eating! your clothes is going to rip out"

    me: loses weight
    "eww you're so skinny"
    "i liked her better before"
    "eat more you stick!"
    "you're going to be blown away by a wind!"

    Why would people loves to judge by someone who worked really hard to be happy, the only person who decides to change and be happy…is you…

  7. Fat peopple who actually try to lose weight have my respect but people who "pretend" and don't even want to change are a bit disgusting

  8. me recordó a cuando mi hermano me decía que quería que yo haga egersicio con ellos
    porque era lo mejor para mi
    que todo lo que el alguna a ver dijo sobre mi físico
    fue para ayudarme

    Y hizo absolutamente lo contrario
    repetirla a alguien una y otra ves que es gorda, o fue, o lo que sea, con respecto a su peso
    le podría llegar a dar tal inseguridad
    que hacer egersicio nos da una vergüenza intenta muy fea

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