How to Lose Weight in Just One Week

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Core expert and fitness trainer Chris Powell explains how weight loss is possible in just one week.

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20 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight in Just One Week

  1. bullshit ! he is telling you how to lose weight with only food ? he leads you right into jojo effects ! he dident get this body with eating no fat and no suger =) he is sitting every day in a fitness studio ! there is no way losing fat effectiv without doing some work !

    The term “fat burning” does not mean that you are losing fat, rather, it describes a momentary metabolic process in which sufficient oxygen is available and the muscle cell is able to burn fats.
    The body is only able to burn fats if there is sufficient oxygen available – this is the case when enough oxygen is transported into the muscle cells via the lungs and blood and the load is so high that this oxygen transport is also carried out Needs. However, this can only happen if the muscles require little oxygen overall, as the oxygen transport reaches its limits relatively quickly. And muscles are known to be the least stressed at rest. The fat burning rate would be highest during sleep !
    the best way to lose fat is using the afterburner effect !
    The body not only consumes more energy during the workout, additional calories are also burned after the workout. After all, the body temperature is increased after training, the energy stores have to be replenished and the finest cracks in the muscles are repaired. The body needs additional energy for all of these processes. And the more intense the stress beforehand, the greater the afterburn effect.
    so the best way to lose fat is weight training !!! I don't mean cardio training, it only takes away the strength for the fat killer training.
    Barbell squats gave the best results in losing fat. (I say extra fat loss and not weight loss because whoever takes a scale makes the first mistake. fat is lighter than muscle mass so if you want to lose fat properly you will also strengthen your muscles and so it can be that a woman who was 58 kilos and fat afterwards has a perfect body with 63 kilos!)
    train your legs one day, train your upper body the next day and take a 1-2 day break.

    it is sufficient if you train 3 times a week for 50 minutes to maintain a calorie deficit, which results in an effective fat loss!
    In addition, one should avoid sugar and sweetened food. Ready-made foods and juices also contain a lot of sugar, a bottle of cola consists of 2 thirds of sugar.
    buy protein powder and drink it every day after your workout and on the days you don't work out,You should also take magnesium after or during training to prevent muscle cramps.

    there is no miracle cure for obesity, without work there is no success! all drinks and miracle drugs that are offered or special dishes are only there to keep a fake diet industry alive that does not bring the slightest success !
    Don't let yourself be deceived and chased from one jojo effect to the next by a worthless industry. these people don't want to see you slim, otherwise they won't earn any more money;) if someone is looking for help I will help them, I will help you to find a training program that will help you and I will create a nutrition plan with you if you want! it doesn't cost you any money, i don't ask for anything!

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  10. corn is the worst thing for you on the planet, See Dr. Gundry See Dr. Berg, they have good info that actually works.

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  12. It's videos like this that people are falling for. "Dr Oz says it, so, it must be true." No mention of exercise and you're telling people to dehydrate themselves.

    In 2020 and 2021, people don't NEED videos like this! How DARE you put these videos up! These are TOTAL Scams!

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  15. I am on this new pizza-fasting for 5 days a week. Lost 60 pounds in 4 months!
    Extract the liquid out of 2 pizzas, dilute them with 2 litres of water and drink it. Add 2 cans of energy drink for extra energy. Repeat every weekday. Then during the weekends: eat food 3 times a day. It's called 5:2 pizza fasting. Very healthy. Our ancestors ate this every day when humans started doing farming. Our bodies are the most suited for this.But I don't think you are brave enough to do this for 4 months

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