How To Lose Weight For Men – The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide

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In this guide, I’ll lead you by the hand and show you what you can do today, to start losing weight and keeping it off….FOR GOOD! I’m not going to mess around here. Your weight loss satisfaction is what I strive for every day, and I will help you achieve your goals. Whatever you need, I’ve got your back. So, follow me, and I’ll show you EXACTLY how men’s weight loss really works.

Step #1 – Set Your Goals, Commit To Achieve, And Track Your Progress. (0:52)

The first step on any weight loss for men over 40 journey should be Mindset. One of the biggest mistakes I see is guys that want to lose weight jumping straight into exercise and diet without understanding exactly why they’re doing it or having clear goals or an action plan for what they want to achieve. Building sustainable, healthy habits takes a bit of planning.

The way we help you plan for your weight loss journey is to get you to prepare a weight-loss mission statement that lets you reflect on your deep reason for wanting to lose weight. This gives you a better understanding of why you’re doing it and serves you well at times when motivation may wain. Use this first step to set yourself up for sustainable weight loss.

Step #2 – Get Your Body In The Proper State For Optimum Fat Loss. (2:59)

To get your body in the proper state to metabolize and burn fat, there are a couple of things you should make sure to do on a daily basis. These are sleeping a minimum of 7 hours each night and drinking a minimum of 100oz (around 3 liters) of water per day. Doing these 2 things will ensure your hormone levels are balanced and your liver is primed to process fat.

Step #3 – Fuel Your Body Right For Energy And Fat Burning. (4:12)

Getting the correct fuel into your body is the next stage when learning how to lose weight fast for men. This is often where guys start when getting on a weight loss plan, by simply eating salad and cutting out chocolate. This will work for a while but is not a sustainable solution. What I recommend, is to put together ‘perfect plates’ for each meal. A ‘perfect plate’ contains ¼ plate of protein, ¼ plate of carbs, and ½ plate of veggies. This makes your nutrition simple and sustainable over the long-term.

Step #4 – Do 30 Minutes Of Daily Activity To Kickstart Your Weight Loss. (5:54)

The ‘A’ in our acronym of MM-FAT, stands for ACTIVITY. This means basically moving and being active for at least 30 minutes each day. I’m not talking about formal workouts, just basic activity. To achieve this, you could use a pedometer and ensure you get around 5,000 steps on a daily basis, or you could simply walk for 30 minutes after your lunch each day.

Thirty minutes of daily activity also has a big impact on hunger. If you’re active for 30 minutes every day, you’re less likely to be hungry and therefore less likely to snack. The 30 minutes is what is known as the daily activity threshold, which makes your hunger levels stay much more level throughout the day.

Step #5 – Use Formalized Workouts To Further Ignite Your Metabolism. (7:08)

Last on my list of ways to lose weight for men over 40, is Timed Workouts. This is your formal exercise routine, over and above the 30 minutes of basic activity each day, and is to help you build muscle and further improve your metabolism. These workouts can be a mixture of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and strength training. This combination will give you a huge boost to your metabolism and improve your overall fitness.

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20 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight For Men – The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Been working on a diet and exercise because I really want to loose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I’ll be a first time father next month, I don’t foresee a future where I can get 7hrs of sleep each night. Will a midday nap count towards my sleep time?

  2. From 1993-2015, I was completely in shape. 6 pack abs, fast metabolism, excellent cardio conditioning. 1993-1997 was spent dancing at rowan university, while 1993-2015 was also spent as a firefighter/paramedic. A nasty spinal injury changed all of that 6 years ago and ended my career, and i went from 160lbs to 206lbs due to inactivity, due to the injury. Now that I am able to do the things i wasn't able to, I need to remove the 40 lbs that was gained, not just because i miss the body i once had, but most importantly, for my health and well being. this guide has helped alot. As brief as it is, it has put the right thoughts into my head and given me an actual blueprint for what i want to accomplish. Thank you.

  3. Does anyone know if with the 30 minutes of activity, if you go to school and work thats enough

  4. Mindset is key for sure along with having a goal set after all if you don't know where you're aiming then you aren't likely going to hit it!

  5. As soon as I turned 40 everything changed, sitting at 240 right now.. and 5 years later I need to do omerhing

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