Get your free 2022 Diabetes Journal

Get your free 2022 Diabetes Journal for type 2 diabetes

Together with Abbott Diabetes Care and FreeStyle Libre, we’ve created a beautiful 2022 Diabetes Journal. It’s aimed specifically at those living with Type 1 diabetes, and it’s all about how behaviour change can help you live a happy, healthy life with diabetes. Here’s a taste of what it looks like!

Get your free 2022 Diabetes Journal!

This journal is specifically aimed at those with Type 1 diabetes. If you would like a free Diabetes Journal to be sent to you, simply fill in your delivery details below, and it will be sent in the next few weeks, courtesy of Abbott.


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*** Please note that no FreeStyle Libre sensors or FreeStyle Libre readers will be issued as this is a medical device and can only be prescribed based on your healthcare professional’s recommendation.

Only available for people living in South Africa.

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