EP67: The Friday 5

Hi & happy Friday! This is not your typical Friday 5!

In this episode, I share my 5 favorites while covering some additional topics, including:

  • My mindset after gaining 10-15 pounds
  • Why I attempted, but quit a cut
  • How the focus of my coaching business has changed from solely macros to a much more integrated approach with hormone, gut, and mineral balance testing

The Friday 5

1. 90 Degree by Reflex Activewear Lounge Shorts

Long story short, I don’t fit into my shorts from last year. I’ve put on about 10-15 pounds more recently after healing from a huge UC flair earlier in the year. Instead of stressing about it and trying to lose weight, I decided to let my body do what it needs to do to heal and just buy clothes that fit! These shorts are from Amazon, and are so comfortable. They’re under $ 30 and I’m wearing a size small. Give them a try – I bet you’ll love them! 

2. Next Level Women’s Festival Tank

Another casual summer staple I love are these festival tanks (also an Amazon find!). Some colors are only $ 5 – how can you beat that!? I like that it’s not a racerback style, so you can wear a regular bra with it if you want. I dress these up or down, and live in them all summer long. 

3. Vineyard Vines Harbor Shorts

I bought a lot of new shorts for the season, including this pair from Vineyard Vines. They are very good quality, but not overly expensive. I was a bit skeptical about white shorts, but think they will look really nice with a tan. I plan to slip them on over my swim suit at the beach. I love the high-waisted thick band and drawstring. 

4. Shadow Shifter Reactive Color Changing T-Shirt

Does anyone else remember these from the 90s!? Quinn got this as a gift for his birthday, and it’s so much fun! The shirt changes color with the heat of your body, or when it gets wet. If you’re needing to find a kids birthday gift, grab this! We recently gifted one to cousin Matthew and it was a huge hit!

5. Hormone Intelligence

A new hormone book I added to my repertoire! I immediately bought this book (instead of checking out from the library first like I usually do). I am super impressed with this book so far – she has a whole section talking about beans! And there is also a large section the gut and hormone connection. If you’re interested in healing your hormones, as I am, I definitely recommend this read. 


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