Effect of Vitamin D and Calcium intake on type 2 diabetes

Enough research has been done to demonstrate that altered vitamin D and calcium equilibrium in the blood may play a role in the development of type 2 diabetes.
Most of the observational studies have contributed towards the consistent association that exists between low vitamin D status, calcium or dairy intake and prevalence of type 2.
Along with calcium insufficiency, there are evidences that Vitamin D deficiency may negatively influence blood glucose level; concluding that combined supplementation with both nutrients may be beneficial in optimizing glucose metabolism.
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18 thoughts on “Effect of Vitamin D and Calcium intake on type 2 diabetes

  1. OXALIC ACID IS THE CAUSE OF DIABETES type 2 fibromyalgia, kidney stones, and gout. VITAMIN D3 (50ng/ml) + Chromium makes an enzyme called oxalic acid reductase that converts oxalic acid to lactic acid. They should try at least 5000 UI vitamin and add chromium. Most enzymes and proteins made by vitamin D3 hormone upregulation are at the vitamin D3 blood level @50ng/ml. Metformin and Citrate chelate oxalates. They should try the vitamin D3 (4,000 UI) and chromium. Chromium is expected to be deficient as a porphyria develops in the autistic that have high oxalic acid levels and low vitamin D3 status based on the lack of glutathione which removes heavy metals from the body. They should try chromium 200 mcg along with the D3 to remove oxalic acid by converting it to lactic acid. It would make for a very interesting study is to gauge the porphyria (co-porphrin-1) in type 2 diabetics

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  12. I was cronic vitamine D deficiency in the year 2014 and followed 6 month medication and after 6 moth again i checked but still it was little down and again i continued for 3 month medication but after that i started feeling switness in tongue. I also gone through IVF treatment in 2017 and after inserting embriyoo my sugar level hiting upto 2oo+ which caused failure of ivf. After a week i tested my sugar level it was normal again . Now again from 2019 i am diagoises with pre diabetic, again same symptoms of sweetness in toungue, excessive hunger and thirst… i think diabetic might cause through either by vitamene D defeciancy or by its a side effect of ivf… I am writing this just for general knowledge who research for diabetese…

  13. Get your calcium from food. Do not take calcium supplements as is harmful your arteries in excess. I eat Greek yogurt, avoid the sweetened kind.

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