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  1. I have found these natural blood sugar/diabetic support medicine management capsules to be a great help. They really work wonders.

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  2. Thanks UK diabetes very informative and exact on the causes I have type 2 and discovered that my nervous system was out of order due to high levels of carbohydrates you don't need that much carbs to attain energy. In part my nervous system partly delivers very little insulin and needed medicine for my nervous system to recover due to carbohydrates after a year my type 2 was reversed and recovered with proper diet nutrition and nerve healing and medication.

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  5. There are literally thousands of videos on YT, and even more testimonies in the real world, about people who have used diet to bring blood glucose back into the normal range, and put their diabetes in remission. They may have needed insulin initially, but no longer do. From what I've learned since my own diagnosis, the current popular belief is that type 2 diabetes does not have to be a progressive disease after all. I'm shooting for full remission myself, no matter how much carb reduction it takes.

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  9. I got itchy dick, losing my vision, tiredness, no slow healing. I cant say im thirsty ive been drinking lots of water since forever. I think i should see a doctor

  10. if you notice in most cases, health problems in people who are already healthy usually occur when people change their diet to something less balanced. depending on the lack or excess of vitamins and minerals will depend on what health condition you get.

    I say this because even in the case of diabetes, there are plenty of examples where people who eat an excess of carbs does not lead to diabetes in those people. therefore there must be some other reason why we get the condition. From what i've researched, I believe its unbalanced diets.

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