Diabetes and Heart Disease

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People who have diabetes have a higher chance of developing many health problems, including heart disease. How heart disease can develop, how it affects your health, and what you can do to help reduce your risk of heart disease, are explained.

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20 thoughts on “Diabetes and Heart Disease

  1. then give us a blood temperature control needle so it makes the blood more thin so its easier for the heart to move,  the concentration of blood is what makes us have heart problems , the needle heats up the blood so it is less dense and then cools down the blood to the heart gets more oxygen ,

  2. I remember when I was always angry my head would become hot and my heart becomes very fast. not only that I think I have diabetes since my mom's side has diabetes. I just woke up one day with shortness of breath and a mild chest pain

  3. Should I worry I went 3 months ago to the heart doctor did me tests and they said everything look good bu5 am get pain in the hurt sometime and am sacred

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  6. It is quite a nice as well as easy to understand video as my mother is too suffering from diabetes and along with that recently she has been diagnosed with the heart problem, she was to told to have an operation but we did not wanted it….looking for other methods I got to know about herbal medicine of Planet Ayurveda which helped her a lot in the treatment.

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  11. Agr kisi ko dil mai dard Hota hai tho ik supplement hai flax oil app usko use kre I am 100% sure app thik ho jyogy muje b phle heart m pain Hota tha tho maine wo food supplement use kiya tho abb mai bilkul thik hu app isko use kre jada jankari ky liye app muje call krr skte h

  12. AVOID eating MEAT, DAIRY, and Eggs Many studies have proven this, reaseach it for yourself, they have documentary on it called "what the health" it's on Netflix.

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