Dexcom G6® or Libre2? Which should you use?

Dexcom G6® or Libre2? Which should you use?
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Choosing between dexcom G6 and Libre2

When a person considers using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), they often ponder their choices. Should they get the Dexcom G6® or the Libre2? Which has a great accuracy? They ask which one is right for them, so we decided to find the answers!

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Dexcom G6®

Dexcom G6 features

The Dexcom G6® is the most updated version of the Dexcom® CGM. Its features include:

  • approved for use in children 2 years old and older.
  • uses Bluetooth technology
  • sensors last 10 days.
  • sensors are water-resistant so it is safe to shower with.
  • does not require calibration. Users can still choose to enter a calibration if they would like to or feel that the sensor seems inaccurate.
  • has a 2-hour warm-up period.

Libre 2

features of libre2

The Libre2 is the most recent version of flash monitoring systems from Abbot. Its features include:

  • 14 day sensors
  • Small sized sensor for discreet placement
  • Factory calibration
  • One hour warm up time
  • The ability to measure glucose every minute
  • A new designation as an integrated Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (iCGM)

Which is more accurate, the Freestyle® Libre2 or the Dexcom G6®?

According to an article from the DiabetesMine, there is little difference in accuracy between the Libre2 and the Dexcom G6®.

Clinical data for the Dexcom G6® shows it has a MARD (the Mean absolute relative difference) of 9 percent while the FreeStyle® Libre 2 has a 9.3 percent total MARD score (9.2 percent for adults, and 9.7 percent for children). In other words, the Dexcom G6 is slightly more accurate, especially in children.

What are their similarities?

similarities between G6 and Libre2

Both the Dexcom G6® and the Libre 2…

  • have the option to use your phone to monitor readings.
  • have some form of alert system that can be set. The alarms can become overwhelming for some.
  • may have adhesive issues that require you to use other sticking overlays.
  • are approved for use without the need for backup readings from a fingerstick meter to confirm accuracy.
  • have excellent customer service and replacement policies.
  • both are approved for use on your arms.

What the difference between the Libre2 and Dexcom G6®?

differences between libre2 and dexcom g6

Differences between the Libre2 and Dexcom G6® include

  • The Libre2 is an integrated Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (iCGM) rather than a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.
  • The Dexcom G6® has a transmitter that sends continuous data to the receiver (phone). The transmitter has a 3-month battery life.
  • The Libre2 has a shorter warm-up period.
  • FreeStyle LibreLink mobile app for iOS or Android allows data to be shared with up to 20 people which is more than the share app used by Dexcom
  • According to Lauren Plunkett at LP Nutrition Consulting, the Libre2 doesn’t track blood sugar fluctuations fast enough and can be unreliable when dealing with rebounding lows and corrected highs. 
  • The Dexcom G6® can be placed on your arms, stomach, and legs without impacting accuracy.

Which is better the Libre2 or the Dexcom G6®?

Users seem to be torn on which system is the best. There are many reasons to like the Dexcom G6® and many reasons to like the Libre2. Two things seemed to stick out, however.

If you are concerned about cost, the Libre2 seems to be the clear winner. It has a lower price point, and many users find it to be reliable enough for their needs.

If you want accuracy and more detailed alerts, then Dexcom G6® would be more beneficial for you.

Lauren Plunkett at LP Nutrition Consulting summed it up the best. If you are active and may have sudden changes in blood sugar, the Dexcom G6® may be your best option. If you are looking for a basic system that shows blood sugar deviations the Libre2 offers affordable and efficient monitoring.

As with all diabetes products, educate yourself. Know the features that you require in your device and discuss your options with your diabetes team. Not everyone is the same and therefore not every diabetes device will be right for every person with diabetes.

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