In the Zone

In the Zone diabetes wake up at night When I am “In the Zone”, I am energetic, comfortable, creative and functioning well.  At least, that is what it means to me.  Often that means music – anything from loud, Read more

Hello World

Hello World diabetes wake up at night Well…’s been a while.  When I sit down to write, something whispers in my ear that I should be doing something else.  Procrastination is an art, if properly done, and needs practice Read more

Load Shedding

Load Shedding diabetes wake up at night After a couple of weeks of constant electricity supply, hope made us put away our gas camping cookers, candles and torches.  We were lulled into a sense of lightness.  But it was Read more

Virus alert

Virus alert diabetes wake up at night I am not sure about you, but to me it feels as if the world is holding it’s breath and waiting for better days. A lot of that hope is focused on Read more

The Big Picture

The Big Picture diabetes wake up at night We get great pleasure from wandering around our little garden every day, looking at which new plants are popping up, which are flowering and which are flourishing. Some, of course, have Read more

What the Elves say

What the Elves say diabetes wake up at night    2020 is being stubbornly relentless. No one knew how things would pan out when Covid 19 hit the world, and it has been a long, tough season of readjustment. Read more

The MiaoMiao

The MiaoMiao diabetes wake up at night TD is sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a clove of garlic as if warding off evil spirits or fleas, and we are discussing this blog.  I initially was going Read more

Learning to Idle

Learning to Idle diabetes wake up at night Many moons ago, before the TD era, I was involved with  teaching adults who had been denied an education because of the apartheid system, how to read.  It was immensely rewarding Read more


Betrayal diabetes wake up at night ⏹ Not for sensitive readers.  I am banging this blog out on a Sunday morning because the words are tumbling inside me and curdling my sense of peace.  Betrayal is a strong word, Read more

End of year blues

End of year blues diabetes wake up at night In the digital age, this family still relies on a paper calendar.  Each year, usually in October or November, I print out 13 A4 sheets of different coloured papers and Read more

Ketones and covid

Ketones and covid diabetes wake up at night Ketones.  The word has a  lyrical sound…..It makes me think of a music flowing pleasantly from appealing chords to melody, or of soft palettes of colour for creative expression. Ketones are Read more

February 2021

February 2021 diabetes wake up at night It just happened to be Valentine Day two weeks ago when we decided we needed a day out.  Valentines day has always struck me as a celebration of the power of commercialism Read more