Can you get Diabetes from eating too much sugar? – Dr. Nagaraj S

This is a very tricky question that most of the patients asks whether you get diabetes by eating sugars. The answer is No or yes, we cannot be very clear by what exactly are the sugars. Yes, if the sugars are taken is a high quantity on a daily basis, then it is one of the causative factors for diabetes. Eating excess sugar is one of the causative factors for diabetes, but it is not a main cause for diabetes. Diabetes is caused basically because it is an inherited disease, lack of physical activity, high carbohydrate intake less protein and carbohydrate intake, no physical activity, target oriented jobs, deprived sleep or altered sleep rhythm. These are the causative factors for lifestyle disease to an acquired diabetes. Sugar consumption of high sugars is only not a criteria for developing diabetes. It is always a myth that high sugars are always a causative agent for diabetes.
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