7 Fat Burner Drinks for 7 Days || Lose Weight Fast || Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat

Fusion cooking channel presents 7 Fat Burner Drinks for 7 Days. Lose Weight Fast by taking one drink a day. This is the Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat and lose wight. These weight loss drinks must be a part of your weekly weight loss meal plans.

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00:00 Intro
00:14 1. Cinnamon Ginger Drink
01:14 2. Cumin Seed Wight Loss Drink
02:06 3. Turmeric Tea, Golden Tea Recipe
03:09 4. Apple Cider Vinegar Drink
03:49 5. Honey Lemon Drink
04:16 6. Fenugreek Seeds water for weight loss
04:54 7. Green Tea (Sencha) for healthy Weight

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20 thoughts on “7 Fat Burner Drinks for 7 Days || Lose Weight Fast || Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat

  1. I know losing weight might be a pain in the ass and most people can't keep being on diet for a long time without losing weight and it's frustrating but this YouTube video shows a different way of losing weight watch it here: https://youtu.be/88xQd2HSyIg

  2. 7 drinks
    1. Cinnomin and ginger in boiling water, add honey
    2. Cumin seeds in boiling water, add lemon
    3. Turmeric in boiling water, pepper optional, add honey
    4. Apple cyder venigar, lemon, honey add in water
    5. Lemon and honey in warm water
    6. Fenugreek seeds overnight soaked water
    7. Green Tea

  3. Did I have to drink it all 7 in one day or separate . Or all for the 7 days .
    Can u explain for me more.
    Thank you so much
    Did I need to eat normal

  4. Hmm I just saw this vid and I wanted to say I have tried this all before and it actually works specially the ACV drink, Honey lemon drink, Fenugreek (both water and seeds) Green tea and Turmeric tea,, They all r really good.. But guys just don’t be dependent on those drinks.. You should cut some carbs.. I am not saying to totally stop eating them but slow down.. Eat less rice.. I knw it’s hard at first but it is better option.. Do portion control.. Don’t eat junk food.. And abt sweets u can eat sometimes but in limit,. Also do workout.. Yes workout is also essential.. Do some cardio,. as a Kpop Stan I mostly prefer dancing, Zumba types of cardios on Kpop songs.. They r really great.. You can follow fitness trainers like Emi Wong, Chloe ting, Lily Sabri etc.. I will also suggest y’all to follow April Han,, Her workouts r really good and effective,. They r easy to follow for beginners.. These r just my tips..
    “They r necessary to do, not options to choose”
    ???????? have a nice day or night!! ????????

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  6. Can you explain how to take these drinks and can i have first drink everyday at night plz reply

  7. To lose weight
    Take the challenge for 1 month
    In your stomach
    Remove excess fat
    Say yes,
    I course Can be sent

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