20 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Things you can eat that will help your diet!
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For the new year, most people’s resolution is to lose weight with a diet or take care of their body to get in shape. And we know that health starts with nutrition as you will get many benefits from eating and drinking the right type of food. This is why we are showing you 20 foods that help you lose weight. Make sure you watch this video until the end to learn more about how water can easily help you.

Eating fruits is one of the best ways to stay healthy. You have probably heard about juice diet, but eating whole fruits is actually much better for your body because you get more fiber. We suggest you eat fruits like grapefruit, avocado, and berries.

We will also debunk some myths that you have heard before. For example, eating eggs is not bad for your heart, pasta won’t make you gain a lot of weight, and nuts won’t make you fat. These foods are actually part of a healthy diet.

If you want to eat animals, salmon and tuna are some of the best food that you can eat because it is full of good nutrients and will make you feel full so you won’t eat as much. But you can also choose a vegan diet if you want to lose weight.

Stay tuned if you want to hear more about foods that help you lose weight like quinoa, potatoes, soup, yogurt, dark chocolate, spinach, beans, oats, brown rice, and more. Are you going to try any of these foods this year? Can you think of any other healthy food? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think.

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20 thoughts on “20 Foods That Help You Lose Weight

  1. I want to SLOWLY go into this a diet because my parents will know something is up and will probably sit down and have a talk with me and I don't want that.

  2. Me be like: 4:54 to 4:58, Isn't that Jimin hyung Gif?
    Also, Jimin hyung is from the Kpop Group called BTS.
    Hyung means Older Brother.

  3. I’m watching this after
    1.going swimming for most of the day
    2.cleaning and organizing room
    3. Doing full workout

    Reason is I’m 160 lbs at 11 years old and I’m trying to lose weight and I have been losing a couple pounds and I feel very productive !☁️☺️

  4. losing weight is easy, you just need to make sure to eat a high protein breakfast that would help reduce cravings and calorie intake throughout the day ????

  5. Im bored of calculating calories intake and BMI. Agoge Diet website does it for FREE. They also provide personalized training plan and diet plan with amazing recipes.

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